Ismet Abbasov: “If we want to hold such important events in Baku in 2012 , we absolutely had to arrive in Armenia”

14.05.10 - How is going on your visit to Armenia?

- The visit ends. The purpose of the visit is to attend the 28th regional forum of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the 37th session of the European Commission on Agriculture in 2010 in Baku.

King of Jordan Abdullah II to visit Azerbaijan on May 15 -

Ambassador Elman Arasli: “A Memorandum of Understanding and agreement on youth cooperation will be signed between the two countries during the visit”

13.05.10 Azerbaijani Ambassador to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Elman Arasli’s interview.

-How do you evaluate current state of Azerbaijan-Jordan relations? What are prospective spheres of the cooperation between the countries?

Deputy Foreign Minister: “We demand special monitoring mechanism for Azerbaijan” “There are some progresses in the issue of Azerbaijan’s membership of the World Trade Organization”

Deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Mahmoud Mammadguliyev gives interview to APA European bureau.

12.05.10 - The 120th session of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers has taken place today and Macedonia has taken over the committee’s chairmanship. What proposals Azerbaijan has made at the session?

Czech FM: The Czech Republic supports a peaceful resolution of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict on the basis of all the principles including respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity of Azerbaijan

APA interview with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic Jan Kohout

7.05.10 - How do you estimate the level of bilateral relationships between Azerbaijan and the Czech Republic?

Academician Budag Budagov: “Local authorities are guilty that some geographic names were not changed in post-Soviet period”

Chairman of Azerbaijan parliamentary commission on geographic names, Academician Budag Budagov gave an interview to APA.

5.04.10 -What principles guide renaming of geographic places?

-The geographic names are dynamic issue. The process is divided to several parts. First of all newly-built settlements are named. Second, old and non-historic places are renamed. There were 111 places named only after Lenin, many places named after Kirov and others in the Soviet period. The ancient geographic names were forgotten. The parliamentary commission on geographic names addresses the problem of restoration of ancient titles. We are approaching the newly-formed geographic places from the point of historic view and giving them new geographic names in accordance with the contemporary period. The population is rapidly growing in Azerbaijan and new settlements are established. We are addressing the cases introduced by the local authorities of the regions and making decisions led by the historic factors.

UK Regional Visa Services Manager: “The new rules should not affect genuine international students looking for a world class education”

Ross Hunter, UK Regional Visa Services Manager in Moscow, speaks to APA about the new rules of visa services for the students in the United Kingdom.

1.04.10 According to our mentality the kids - particularly girls are under the patronage of their parents or other close relatives. What do you think how the new rule may affect the number of Azerbaijani students?

The new rules should not affect genuine international students looking for a world class education.

Emin Eyyubov: We keep on our efforts on getting more decisive statements by EU related to Nagorno Garabagh

The ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan Republic to the Kingdom of Belgium and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and Head of the representation of Azerbaijan Republic to the European Union Emin Eyyubov gives interview to APA correspondent.

1.04.10 – How do you appraise the present level and perspectives of Azerbaijan – European Union (EU) relationships?

Presently, our relationships with EU are very high and they dynamically ramp up. As you know, we presently cooperate with the EU within “Eastern partnership initiative” program. The Eastern partnership initiative comprises of two formats: unilateral and multilateral formats. Within multilateral format four-platform works are under way.

Aziza Mustafazadeh: I dream to see one morning that all wars were ended in the world

It is not accidental that my father died on the stage. Despite fixed schedule, world-famous Azerbaijani Aziza Mustafazadeh, who has been living in Germany for long years, has given an exclusive interview to APA on the eve of her father’s 70th anniversary. The jazz performer, who usually meets with foreign media representatives and gives interviews for money, proved her love for Azerbaijan by giving disinterested interview.

16.03.10 -The 70th anniversary of the honorable representative of Azerbaijani jazz, your father Vagif Mustafazadeh will be marked. The anniversary of the world-famous jazzman will be marked in Heydar Aliyev Palace on the highest level. The aim of your visit to Azerbaijan is to participate in this event. How do you assess the preparations for the event?

-I am satisfied with the preparations. The most famous jazz performers of the country will perform today. I personally participated in the rehearsals and can say that the event will be better than it is expected. Everyone, who participates in the preparations, is very responsible. Of course, I should note Gulchohra Shafiyeva.

Azerbaijani Foreign Minister: “We want to know Armenia’s attitude towards the updated version of the Madrid proposals”

Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov’s exclusive interview to APA

4.03.10 -What is the main objective of your meeting with the co-chairs of the Minsk Group during your upcoming visit to Paris on March 5?

- As you are aware, since 2004 the negotiations on the resolution of the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh conflict mediated by the OSCE Minsk Group have continued within the framework of the Prague process, which envisaged the stage-by-stage approach to conflict resolution. Within the framework of this process during the meeting held in Madrid in November, 2007 foreign ministers of the countries co-chairing the Minsk Group put forward the proposals on the settlement of the conflict reflecting the positions of the conflicting parties.

President of PA OSCE: It takes courage and political will to take the final step to solve Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Interview with President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Joao Soares before his visit to South Caucasus

4.03.10 -It is your first official visit to the region as President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly to the South Caucasus. What questions are you planning to discuss in the region, what meetings will be held during your visit?

-Although this is my first visit to the Caucasus as President of the OSCE PA, I have frequently traveled in the region previously. I have been to Azerbaijan several times as an election observer. I have expressed an interest in meeting with the Presidents, representatives of the governments and parliamentarians as well as civil society of all three Caucasian States. In addition, I will meet with the OSCE Offices in Yerevan and Baku. In my view, the OSCE Field Offices do an excellent work, and I would like to support them.

Ambassador Mahir Aliyev: The agreement on gas transit signed between Ankara and Damascus paved the way for the transportation of Azerbaijani gas to Syria

“Syria has completed current renovation work at Nasimi complex”


Ambassador of Romania to Azerbaijan: “We use every opportunity to emphasize the continuous support of NATO for the territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of Azerbaijan”

“Romania is ready to share with Azerbaijan the experience achieved on the road to NATO membership”


Anar Mammadkhanov: “If they oblige I will not change my family name, let them put me into prison for this”-

“If I join the elections I will win exactly”

14.02.10 We can not see you in press. Do you avoid press or you do not have time?

-Why should I avoid? I have always been friend of press. Though sometimes I have ground to feel hurt, I have never taken offence at press. It is connected with time. I have been working on a serious project for several months. This project will be cinema and TV production. We will produce documentary films and programs. Its name is Ultra Production. We will make documentary films about Azerbaijan’s history, culture. We will make a documentary film about “Kubinka” one of the most ancient historical places of Baku. This is an interesting project. We also want to make a documentary film about the history of Azerbaijan’s mugham. They will be half documentary and half fiction. Moreover, we will also prepare interesting programs.

-Will you sell these films to the local TV channels?

-They may be sold or given to sponsors. The main issue is that there is no competition among productions. There is a gap in this field. We intend to have normal relations with everybody.

YAP Deputy Chairman Ali Ahmadov: “Some YAP members, who ran for municipal elections out of party list, removed from party membership”

Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary of the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) Ali Ahmadov gives an interview to APA

22.01.10 -Has YAP started preparations for the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan this year?

-Recently, results of the municipal elections in Azerbaijan were announced and YAP won these elections, which showed YAP’s position and confirmed its public influence once again. These elections proved that the citizens support President Ilham Aliyev’s policy. 2010 will be remarkable in the political life of Azerbaijan with the parliamentary elections. The elections will be held in November. Despite that we have 10 months ahead YAP will be loyal to its traditions and start preparations soon.
-Newspapers discuss YAP candidates and sometimes publish the list of candidates. What difference will be between the YAP lists for 2005 and this year?

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