Armenians fire on positions of Azerbaijani Army with machineguns

17:30 / 15.04.2010 Armenian armed forces continue to violate ceasefire regime. The enemy units fired on the positions of Azerbaijani army in Gizil Hajili village of Gazakh region of Azerbaijan from the posts in Berkaber village of Armenia’s Berd region at 08.10-08.20 and 15.00-15.05 on April 14. They also fired on the positions of Azerbaijani Army from the posts near Gulustan village and uplands of Azerbaijan’s Goranboy region at 13.20-13.40, near Gizil Oba village of Terter region of Azerbaijan at 01.20-01.40 with machine- and submachine guns, press service of Azerbaijan Defense Ministry reported.
The enemy was silenced in all cases with reprisal fire and no casualties were reported.

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