UK Regional Visa Services Manager: “The new rules should not affect genuine international students looking for a world class education”

Ross Hunter, UK Regional Visa Services Manager in Moscow, speaks to APA about the new rules of visa services for the students in the United Kingdom.

13:55 / 01.04.2010 According to our mentality the kids - particularly girls are under the patronage of their parents or other close relatives. What do you think how the new rule may affect the number of Azerbaijani students?

The new rules should not affect genuine international students looking for a world class education.

With a strong reputation for education worldwide, the UK is well positioned to attract and ensure genuine students have a positive experience of the UK studies. Not only is this about the quality and value of our education that includes learning new ideas, meeting new people, exploring new cultures and landscapes we are confident this can be an experience that leads to life-long friendships and relationships with people from around the world, enabling us to understand more about each others’ cultures and opening the doors to greater trade, investment and political influence.

Is there any exception for dependents’ to work?

The exception is that dependents of those studying a course at or higher than foundation or undergraduate level will be on a Code 1 endorsement so will be free to find work.

The working hours of students during the term time have been reduced - 10 hours during term time. What needs of a student could be met by these limited resources?

The primary purpose of those coming to the UK under the Points Based Tier 4 scheme is to study.

To qualify, in addition to providing a valid Certificate of Acceptance of Studies (CAS), potential students are required to provide evidence that they can afford their course fees (9 month s or less) or first year school fees (> 9 months) and their living costs for at least 9 months (if course is longer than 9 months) or show that they have £800 to cover living costs for each calendar month of their course for courses for 9 months or less.

Students are expected to have the adequate finances in place before going to the United Kingdom.

However, to supplement their stay students studying a course at undergraduate or foundation level and above are allowed to work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) during term-time and work full-time during vacations. Those students studying below first degree level or on a foundation degree course will be able to work but this will be limited to 10 hours during term time.

How many Azerbaijani students study in the UK at present?

To date, we have processed and resolved 87 student applications in 2010.

Have the visa rules that accepted in March last year affected the number of Azerbaijani students – what was difference in number of students in 2008 and 2009?

There were 605 student applications in 2008. There were 771 student applications in 2009

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