Main Traffic Police Department holds meeting on outcomes of 2009

On January 25, Main Traffic Police Department held meeting on outcomes of 2009. Interior Ministry’s press service told APA that Interior Minister of Azerbaijan Colonel-General Ramil Usubov also attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

20:35 / 25.01.2010 Usubov underscored the importance of the meeting agenda. He said files and registering of documents and correspondences, orders, rules and instructions had great importance for the systematic administration and information security as well.
Further, Chief of Main Traffic Police Department, Major-General Ramiz Zeynalov rendered a reports on the works done in 2009.
Summing up the meeting Ramil Usubov gave instructions to the participants, showed ways of eliminating the shortcomings and noted that necessary measures should be taken to increase the proficiency of the policemen, management skills of the chiefs, strengthen the discipline, master the modern forms and methods of the struggle against crimes. He said the international practice, modern information technologies should be used to increase the quality of the work, proficiency and knowledge.
Usubov underlined that the interior bodies, including the police of the capital will continue struggle against crimes, fulfill all the instructions given by the head of state to ensure stability, peace, public order, will be on alert to protect Azerbaijan’s statehood and independence.

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