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Azerbaijan and Czech Republic sign agreement on cooperation in air transportation

Azerbaijan and Czech Republic signed an agreement on cooperation in air transportation.


Death toll rises in Thailand clashes

At least three people were killed during the clashes in Bangkok, Thailand Saturday morning.

15.05.10 On May 14, 16 people were killed in a series of clashes between troops and the anti-government protesters in Bangkok PA reports quoting the world news agencies.

Armenian-captured Anar Hajiyev sends letter to his family

Azerbaijani soldier Anar Hajiyev captured by Armenians in Fuzuli region of Azerbaijan last year on May 10 sent a letter to his family.


Araz Azimov: “No issue was totally agreed between Azerbaijan and Armenia”

"In the first stage Azerbaijan could offer releasing and returning back five occupied regions, Lachin road and opening Armenian-Turkish border. But only if in the second phase will be returned the remaining areas - the northern part of Lachin and Kelbajar and will be determined returning date, said Deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Araz Azimov.

15.05.10 Azimov notified that if the first phase will begin and finish, then have to be agree on the exact time, date releasing remaining lands: “That is have to agreed when and what areas will be released as a continuous”.

Azerbaijani government officials visit Sabirabad residents settled in Shirvan tent camp

Deputy Prime Minister Abid Sharifov, Minister of Emergency Situations Kemaleddin Heydarov and Minister of Internal Affairs Ramil Usubov visited the tent camp in Shirvan town settled by the residents of Sabirabad region evacuated during the floods.

15.05.10 The government officials informed the local residents that dangerous situation was resolved, and there was no problem for the residents of Azadkend, Polad Togayi, Yakha Dellek, Deshdeli, Haji Babir, Bala Hashimkhanli and Sarkhanbeyli villages to return home.

Ismet Abasov: If Nagorno Karabakh conflict is not solved peacefully, Azerbaijan will begin to seek for alternative variants and in this context the military variant is not excluded.

Azerbaijan’s Minister of Agriculture Ismet Abasov, who is attending the conference of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Yerevan, expressed the country’s position on Nagorno Karabakh conflict.


Ahmed Ahmedzadeh: “The rise of water level in Sarisu Lake in Saatly doesn’t create serious threat”

The rise of water level in Sarisu Lake in Saatly doesn’t create serious threat, said chairman of the Melioration and Water Facility Company Ahmed Ahmedzadeh.


Dmitriy Medvedev: “Hopeful steps were made toward the solution of Karabakh problem, but not all issues were coordinated”

“The Nagorno Karabakh is very difficult problem, but there are other difficult problems in the Caucasus.


Armenians seem to be furious about Woodrow Wilson Center’s award to Ahmet Davudoglu

This June the Washington DC based Woodrow Wilson center that was created by the US Congress is planning to award Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

14.05.10 Such award is usually given to politicians and individuals for enormous efforts to promote peaceful and prosperous policy.

Azerbaijani Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry publicizes causes of floods in Kura River

“The main cause of the floods in the Kura River is that the main branch of the river silted up and prevented the water from flowing into the sea.


Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev met evacuated residents of flood-hit Sabirabad and held on-site meeting

President Ilham Aliyev in Shirvan region met the residents of Sabirabad who damaged in the result of floods and temporarily settled in tent camps and held a on-site meeting in connection with the disaster.

13.05.10 During the familiarization with the tent camp Head of State was informed about the ongoing work here. It was noted that the population is fully provided with food, drinking water and other necessities. At established for this purpose warehouses have enough food stocks.

Serbian President arrived in Azerbaijan

Serbian President Boris Tadic arrived in Azerbaijan for a two-day visit.


Meteorologists forecast continuation of rain in Azerbaijan

The weather will be changeable, cloudy in Baku and Absheron peninsula on May 12.

12.05.10 It is predicted to rain in some places of the peninsula towards the night. National Hydrometeorology Department Bureau of Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry told APA that south-east wind will blow.

Azerbaijani ambassador to Ukraine meets with Ukrainian Justice Minister


Deniz Baykal: “I have information and documents, but I will not show them to the government which I don’t rely”

“Our society believed that the incident about me was machination organized by the government. This incident became the top of the period began with telephone eavesdropping in Turkey.


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