Clinton and Davutoglu discussed Azerbaijan

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davudoglu held a phone conversation on Thursday May 13.

10:36 / 14.05.2010 According to Crowley, the two officials discussed Iran. The Secretary stressed that, in the US opinion, Iran’s recent diplomacy was an attempt to stop the UN Security Council action without actually taking steps to address international concerns about its nuclear program.

The US official pointed out that Iran as usual “has failed to demonstrate good faith and build confidence with the international community, which was the original intent of the Tehran research reactor proposal. It has yet to formally respond to the IAEA”.

Clinton stressed that “the burden is with Iran and its lack of seriousness about engagement requires us to intensify efforts to apply greater pressure on Iran”, Crowley said.

According to him, the US and Turkish officials also discussed the Turkey-Azerbaijan relationship and the recent developments in the region.

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