Final Declaration of World Summit of Religious Leaders adopted in Baku

Final Declaration of the World Summit of Religious Leaders has been adopted in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

14:11 / 27.04.2010 The declaration reads: “We, participants of the World Summit of Religious Leaders – heads and representatives of Christians, Moslems, Jewish, Buddhists and Hindus religions from 32 countries gathered together in Baku to discuss urgent issues of our period, as well as the impact of globalization on religious and traditional values.

Economic, political, legal and cultural globalization is not univocal process. It gave practical benefit in responding to common challenges on security of production, trade, science, development of education, security and environment. International relations give opportunity to protect rights of believers among modern multinational and multilingual societies. But the impact of global processes on religious sphere is met with criticism by most people”.

It is noted in the Declaration that we must make an opportunity for people to form their outlook and for nation to protect their living conditions. The document also reads that globalization does not eliminate the threats for security of states, nations and persons: “Starvation, social inequality, environmental pollution, armed conflict on the national-religious ground haven’t found their solutions yet.
In contrary, new problems were added. The rich countries are becoming richer and poor ones – more poor. Unequal share of the world incomes is increasing the critiques every day”.

The religious leaders signed the document consider that the terrorism, which threatened separate regions earlier, gets global character and struggle against it becomes difficult. “It is not correct to think that the religious leaders can restore the world order at the expense of their own forces. Their summons effect only believers. Therefore religious-political doctrines, which justify violence against peaceful people, must be prohibited as the Nazi ideas were prohibited in many countries”.

The Final Declaration notes that today one of the biggest threats for the world is the drug addiction which kills millions of people ever year. “The international drug cartels are working according to the principles of terrorist organizations and they are extending the sphere of influence and earning billions dollars from torments and deaths of the people. There should be consecutive and merciless struggle against the drug trafficking as against the terrorism and it should be struggled by whole world community”.

The religious leaders mentioned the problem of aggression as well. “Every state must defend the integrity of its territories, at the same time to be developed independently and to participate in making of decisions concerning its fate. The conflicts should be solved fairly on the basis of international principles and norms considering the interests of all sides involved in the conflict”.

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