Date of entrance examinations publicized in Azerbaijan

The date of entrance examinations for higher schools in Azerbaijan for 2010-2011 has been publicized.

12:19 / 07.04.2010 Chairperson of State Student Admission Commission Maleyka Abbaszadeh said at the press conference that entrance exam for the 3rd specialty group will be held on July 4, for the 1st specialty group on July 11, for the 4th specialty group on July 17, for the 2nd specialty group on July 23.

The applications will be received from April 20 till May 31.

The participants of skills exams will be registered from April 30 till May 31. The first exam on Azerbaijani for the Russian sector will be held on May 23, the second on June 20.

Applications for technical schools will be received from June 28 till July 29. Entrance exams for technical schools will be held on August 29.

Skills exams on music, fine arts, theater, cinema, choreography will be held on July 8-14, skills exams on architecture and designing on July 15-21, on sports on July 21-28.

Skills exams for technical schools will be held on July 20-27.

Choice of specialty in higher schools will be held from July 25 till August 2.

Bachelors and masters may appeal on July 27-29.

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