Bishkek hosts international forum on Central Asian peaceful co-existence culture

International Forum on Central Asian Peaceful Co-Existence Culture takes place in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on March 29-30, 2010, on the initiative of the Platform Dialogue Eurasia.

15:02 / 29.03.2010 The forum was organized by the Kyrgyz Government Agency of Culture, International Platform Dialogue Eurasia, and Kyrgyz Organization of Dialogue Eurasia. It purposes to investigate opportunities of joint action for improvement of border, customs and other legislature between the Central Asian countries, to discuss prospects of extension of political, economic and cultural ties between the Central Asian countries, to secure territorial integrity of the countries, to search ways of cultural cooperation for strengthening of ties and friendship between the nations, to develop cooperation in the field of education, to analyze opportunities for joint struggle against terrorist and separatist organizations and to estimate prospects of cooperation between the media organizations. Azerbaijani delegation consisted of the Chairman of Azerbaijan Writers Union Anar, MP Nizami Jafarov, APA Director General Vusale Mahirgizi, ITV News and Analytical Program Director Anar Yusifoglu, journalist Gulu Maharramli, professor of the Caucasian University Farhad Mehdiyev, Dialogue Eurasia coordinator in Azerbaijan Mustafa Saatci and leader of the Dialogue Youth Organziation Anar Garakhanchalli also joined the forum.

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