Haydar Aliyev Foundation publishes Gabusname in Russian language

13:51 / 15.04.2010 Haydar Aliyev Foundation has published famous and known in many Eastern countries -“Gabusname” book in Russian language. This book covering important issues of upbringing and ethics, has kept its topicality for centuries with its wise advice. Gabusname - written by Padishah of Gilan state Keykavus situated in South Azerbaijan during 1082-1083- was a popular book among Azerbaijani rulers, religious figures, scientists and teachers.

At that time, the book was playing a leading role in the upbringing of young generation in the family of each educated and cultural person and was valued as a moral textbook and source of spirit which passed through from generation to generation.

Russian version of this book gives opportunity to create an idea about East and culture, history, philosophy of Azerbaijan. Gabusname – with colorful illustration and graceful design- has been published with 1000 printing.

Gabusname has enriched the differently styled corner of the Haydar Aliyev Foundation. Foundation publishes works of classic writers, investigators to different languages, supports the publication of foreign literature examples by translating into our language.

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