Tymoshenko organize black Saturday for Yanukovych

Yulia Tymoshenko convene an extraordinary session of the Supreme Rada on Saturday on the continuation of the stay of the Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine.

13:26 / 22.04.2010 She also invited members of all factions to session hall to collect signatures for the conduct of the session on Thursday.

"I am convinced that such events are obliged to unite all opposition forces, as well as all the MPs who understand that the country leads to destruction, just to nowhere" –she said.

"Yanukovich’s willful step shows that there isn’t a president in Ukraine. This is a person who dishonestly hit this post and try for whitening of own image and completely destroys the national interests of Ukraine", - said Tymoshenko.

She also called on all citizens who care to come to the walls of Parliament on Saturday to voice protest against the Yanukovych’s decision on the Black Sea Fleet.

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