Armenian customs officers detained two Georgian Azerbaijanis and took to Yerevan

Two Azerbaijanis were detained on customs checkpoint on Armenia’s border with Georgia on April 16.

19:01 / 17.04.2010 The detained persons are Sadakhli village residents Asef and Rashad Abdullayev brothers. The two brothers, who were taxi drivers, loaded their cars with the sacks of sunflower seeds that Armenians bought from Sadakhli and left for Armenia. The cars were checked on the customs checkpoint, narcotic drugs were found in the sacks with sunflower seeds.

Taxi drivers and Sadakhli residents told APA that it was planned.
“The load belongs to Armenians. The Georgian side checked them. The drugs were deliberately put into the car of the brothers,” he said.
Both brothers were reportedly taken to Yerevan, criminal case has been launched on the fact.

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