A lot of houses, several government enterprises flooded in Azerbaijan’s Kurdamir region

About 150 houses, several government enterprises have been flooded in Kurdamir, neighboring Aran residential district, Atakishili and Khirdapay villages, Kurdamir Fire Fighting Unit of the Ministry of Emergency Situations told APA’s local bureau that showers caused serious problems in Kurdamir.

13:46 / 01.04.2010 About 15 individual houses, cellars of flats have been flooded, the walls have cracked. In most yards the height of the water is 1 meter. The rooms and yards of Kurdamir gas supply department, electricity distribution network and children’s music school have also been flooded. Electricity was completely cut off in the region in the evening, measures are being taken to restore the electricity supply. About 40 houses have been flooded, the roads, sown areas in Aran residential district, Atakishili and Khirdapay villages have been covered with silt. Following the heavy rain, the level of the underground waters in Mollakend and Turkedi villages has risen by 30-40cm, about 40 houses, stables have been flooded.
The vehicles and employees of Kurdamir Water-Canal Department and Kurdamir Fire Fighting Unit have been involved to absorb water from yards. Vehicles of Ujar and Aghdash fire fighting units have also been sent to Kurdamir for assistance. The representatives of the region emergencies commission visited the places damaged by showers.
First deputy head of Kurdamir region, chairman of the emergencies commission Vasif Mammadov told APA’s local bureau that measures were being taken to absorb the water from the yards.

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